Fall 2018 Conference Registrations Received

Registration for the KREIA Fall 2018 Education Conference has closed.

You can still come to the conference, but you’ll need to pay at the door.

There will not be a reserved seat for you, but there’s usually a few extra chairs available.

The list is current as of 8:00 PM, September 25th, 2018 at which time registration closed

Date Submitted First Last Company
23/09/2018 Jeff Adams Adams Multi-Service Co., Inc.
1/8/2018 Joe Adams Haystack Inspection Services
23/09/2018 Tom Adams Adams Multi-Service Co., Inc.
17/08/2018 David Adkins Pruitt Property Inspection Co
10/9/2018 Bobby Allen House2Home Inspection
11/9/2018 Gregory Anderson Anderson Home Consulting
25/09/2018 Derrick Anker AAA Professional Home Inspectors
15/08/2018 Hollis Atwell Town & Country Home Inspections
7/9/2018 Bussell Jr Avery AVERYB1 Home Inspections
17/09/2018 Darrin Bachman AA Home Inspection
9/9/2018 Jonathan Bain Bain Property Inspection, Inc.
24/09/2018 Giancarlo Barone Talon Home Inspections
15/09/2018 David Baumann Building Inspections LLC
11/9/2018 Michael Bays Absolute home inspection
13/09/2018 Bill Beasey Inspections Plus
1/8/2018 Mark Beauchamp A1 Home Inspections
27/07/2018 J R Bone Right Start Home Inspections
9/9/2018 Dustin Bowling Bowling Home Inspections
18/09/2018 James Breslin East End Home Inspections LLC
11/9/2018 mitch buchanan Capital City Home Inspection
12/8/2018 Troy Buckner Devmor Home Inspections,LLC
19/09/2018 Scott Burdette Cedar Ridge Home Inspections
2/8/2018 WILLIAM “Mack” BUSHART A1 Home Inspections
11/9/2018 Joseph Cattan Cattan Inspection and Engineering, Inc
2/8/2018 Jim Chandler Chandler Home Inspections, Inc.
14/08/2018 Kari Cheek Rosie Home Inspections
13/09/2018 J Michael Condon Taylor Made Inspections
1/8/2018 Michael Connolly, ACI Smart Move Inspections, Inc.
19/09/2018 John Cordell Inspection Plus LTD
8/8/2018 Larry Crawford Crawford Home Inspwction Inc.
5/9/2018 Erby Crofutt B4U Close Home Inspections
15/09/2018 Steven Cunningham HomeTeam Inspection Service
27/07/2018 Steven Cunningham HomeTeam Inspection Service
19/09/2018 Allan Davis Elite Home Inspections
6/8/2018 James Davis Davis Home Inspections LLC
21/08/2018 Tom Del Bello HTHI, Inc
11/9/2018 Cody Droddy Foundation First Home Inspections
12/9/2018 Maury Drummey GC Housing Evaluation Service
11/9/2018 Barry Dyer
1/8/2018 Gregory Eckert National Property Inspections
23/09/2018 John Elliott APEX Inspection
11/9/2018 Jerry Epling j4homeinspections
9/9/2018 Chris Fleming Taylor Made Home Inspections
1/8/2018 Jerry Fowler Fowler Home Inspections
18/09/2018 Nathan Francis AmeriSpec Inspection Service
5/8/2018 Paul Anthony Fugazzi Anthony Fugazzi Real Estate Services
15/08/2018 Eric Gentry Guardian Inspections
24/09/2018 Eric Gentry Guardian Inspections
2/8/2018 Jeffrey Gibson All Homes Inspection
8/9/2018 Christopher Gordon I SPY Home Inspections llc
15/08/2018 David Michael Green InspectorUSA, Inc.
19/09/2018 Tara Green InspectorUSA, Inc.
16/08/2018 John Harnage Kentucky Thermal Inspections
1/8/2018 Eric Hay Haystack Inspection Services
25/09/2018 James Hefling Reliable Home Inspection LLC.
29/07/2018 Michael Hesterberg Building Inspections LLC
19/09/2018 Robert Hiles 2020 Real Estate Home Inspections
10/9/2018 Robert Hiles 2020 Real Estate Home Inspections
25/07/2018 Mark Hiten Mark of Excellence Residential Inspection,llc.
24/09/2018 John Holland East Ky Home Inspection
5/8/2018 Jeff Howard Benchmark Home Inspections LLC
1/8/2018 Chris Howell Smoky Mountain Inspection Services, Inc.
10/9/2018 Travis Huber Huber Home Inspection
28/07/2018 Bill Ingram HomeCheck Inspection Services & Radon Testing
9/8/2018 Elvis Ingram Turn Key Inspections Services
15/09/2018 Chris Ivy Town and Country Property Inspections
27/07/2018 Jay Jackson Safe At Home Inspections
25/09/2018 Nathan Jared MRO Home and Roof Inspections
10/8/2018 Michael Jehlik Topflight Inspection Services, LLC
7/9/2018 Darrell Joiner House To Home Inspection LLC
11/9/2018 Matthew Keeth M.T.K. Home Inspection Service, LLC
21/08/2018 James ‘Ron’ Kelley Kelley’s Home Inspection Co.
10/9/2018 Collin Kern Reliable Home Inspections
19/09/2018 JD Kline Kline Home Inspection
18/08/2018 jack langford accucheck
16/09/2018 Brent Langley TSA Home Inspections, LLC
11/9/2018 Giles Lanham HomeWise Inspection Services
31/07/2018 Stanley Lewis Lewis Home Inspection
1/8/2018 Alex Lockstead Eaton Inspections
2/8/2018 Joseph Mattingly A-1 Home Inspections
23/08/2018 Larry McCaslin McCaslin Home Inspection Services, LLC
25/09/2018 Adam McClintic HouseMaster Home Inspections
7/9/2018 James McFadden Vision Home Inspections
24/09/2018 Jack McNear AAA Professional Home Inspectors
11/9/2018 Brook Mundy Mundys Home Inspection Inc.
1/8/2018 Todd Newman AmeriSpec of Louisville
11/9/2018 James O’Bannon Bluegrass Property Inspection
24/09/2018 Mark Oerther Mark Oerther Associates, Inc
23/09/2018 John O’Nan Pillar To Post Home Inspectors
19/09/2018 Ken Osborne Home inspections inc
7/9/2018 denver parrett birds eye view home inspection
21/09/2018 Michael Patton AA Home Inspection, LLC
11/9/2018 Billy Pickering Kentucky Home Inspections
6/8/2018 Mark Pruitt Tri-County Home Inspection LLC.
15/08/2018 Steve Pruitt Pruitt Property Inspection, Inc.
14/09/2018 Mike Ramsey Integrity Home Inspections Inc.
17/09/2018 George Rayhill Rayhill
18/08/2018 Everett Reeves
8/8/2018 Rob Rice AMC Home Inspections
7/8/2018 Jeff Roll National Property Inspections
27/07/2018 Josh Ross Assurance Professional Home Inspection
13/09/2018 Scott Saunders S2 Home Inspections, LLC
12/9/2018 Arnold Schnitker All-Rite Home Inspections
1/8/2018 Daniel Schuerman Schuerman Inspections
3/8/2018 David Scott HouseMaster Home Inspection
6/8/2018 Michael Shaver Buy Wise Home Inspections
15/08/2018 Larry Sills Pruitt Property Inspection Co.
25/07/2018 Doug Smith Home Inspections Services
15/08/2018 Eric Smith Inspect & Detect, LLC
2/8/2018 Forrest Sutherland Protection Home Inspection
23/09/2018 Rickie Tackett RNC Home Inspection
7/9/2018 Jay Takahashi Lexington Home Inspections
25/09/2018 Charles Taylor
18/09/2018 Trenton Thomas The Home Inspection Pro
19/09/2018 Thomas Thompson Check on homes
2/8/2018 Gary Tout Tout Home Inspection Services
1/8/2018 James Trosper RBN Home Inspection, LLC
2/8/2018 Scott Turner Turner Home Inspection
17/09/2018 Randall Ward
15/08/2018 Ethan Watson
11/9/2018 Andrew Weiss Sherlock Home Inspections LLC
11/9/2018 Mark Weiss shomeinspections@yahoo.com
7/8/2018 James A. White Dream Home Inspections LLC
7/9/2018 Lee Wiard Lee’s Home Inspections
27/07/2018 Ray Williams Ray Williams Inspection & Repair, LLC
25/09/2018 Stephen Williams NorthStar Property Inspections
10/9/2018 Steven Williams Kentucky Home Inspector, LLC
25/09/2018 Michael Willis
1/8/2018 Danny Willoughby Kentuckiana Property Consultants, LLC
24/09/2018 Katie Winter 502 Insepctions
24/09/2018 Michael Wirth 502 Inspections
20/09/2018 Gary Witt Louisville Home Inspection
1/8/2018 Joseph Wrubel Wrubel Home Inspections
6/9/2018 George Wyatt Better Buildings, Inc.
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