Fall 2017 Education Conference Registration

Complete the form below to register for the Fall 2017 Education Conference.

  1. Click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the Conference Registration Form.  If you’ve completed all the required fields, you’ll be taken to the payment method page.  If you’ve missed a required field, you’ll be returned to this page.  Complete all required fields and then submit again.

2017 Fall Conference Registration

Fields marked with an * are required

If you miss a required field, the form will not submit. Please try again.  If properly completed, you'll be transferred to the payment methods page.

Input both your four digit "Legacy" number and your new six digit License number.  Some of our records still identify you by the "Legacy" number.  If you don't know your old or new license number you can find it on the KBHI License Verification website at:

REMEMBER:  Your seat is not reserved until payment is received.  To make sure you don't get turned away at the door, we suggest you pay in advance via check by mail or credit card on our website after September 1st, 2017.  Mailing address is on the payments webpage.

(PLEASE:  Only click the SUBMIT button once.  IF the form is still showing on this page after you click the SUBMIT button, you missed a required field.  Complete that and then SUBMIT again.)

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