Spring 2018 Conference Registrations

Registration closed at 8:00 PM, February 27th.

If your name isn’t on the list below, we haven’t received your registration.

The list is current as of 8:00 PM, February 27, 2018

You can still come to the conference, but you’ll need to pay at the door.

There will not be a reserved seat for you, but there’s usually a few extra chairs available.

Date Submitted First Last Company
14/02/2018 Joe Adams HayStack Inspection Services
14/02/2018 Joe Adams HayStack Inspection Services
16/02/2018 David Adkins Pruitt Property Inspections
15/02/2018 David Allen Hometeam property inspections
19/02/2018 Greg Anderson Anderson Home Consulting
19/02/2018 Hollis Atwell
19/02/2018 Hollis Atwell
23/02/2018 Darrin Bachman AA Home Inspection
22/02/2018 Darrin Bachman AA Home Inspection
1/2/2018 Tony Bailey Watchful Eye Inc
12/2/2018 Giancarlo Barone Talon Home Inspections
14/02/2018 David Baumann Building Inspections LLC
12/2/2018 Bill Beasey Inspections Plus
10/2/2018 Mark Beauchamp A-1 Home Inspections
3/2/2018 J R Bone Right Start Home Inspections
25/02/2018 Paul Brock Paul’s Wall to Wall home inspections
24/02/2018 mitch buchanan capital city home inspection
16/02/2018 Troy Buckner Devmor Home Inspections,LLC
14/02/2018 Scott Burdette Cedar Ridge Home Inspections
16/02/2018 William “Mack” Bushart A1 Home Inspections
1/2/2018 Avery Bussell AVERYB1 Home Inspections
25/02/2018 Andrew Campbell Gerard Home Inspection
25/02/2018 Andrew Campbell Gerard Home Inspection
19/02/2018 Daniel Carroll 2nd Opinion Home Inspection Services
21/02/2018 Troy Cates At Home Inspections
27/02/2018 Joseph cattan Cattan inspection and engineering
14/02/2018 James (Jim) Chandler Chandler Home Inspections, Inc.
12/2/2018 Charles Collins Preferred Property Inspections
19/02/2018 J Michael Condon Taylor Made Home Inspections
11/2/2018 Michael Connolly Smart Move Inspections, Inc.
20/02/2018 David Cralle
27/02/2018 Larry Crawford Crawford Home Inspection Inc
31/01/2018 Erby Crofutt B4U Close Home Inspections
12/2/2018 Steve Cunningham HomeTeam Inspection Service
7/2/2018 Robert Curtsinger Curtsinger Home Inspections
25/02/2018 Allan Davis Elite Home Inspections
16/02/2018 James Davis Davis Home Inspections LLC
12/2/2018 Tom Del Bello HTHI, Inc.
9/2/2018 Michael Dreyer HomeTeam of Louisville
12/2/2018 Cody Droddy
23/02/2018 Maury Drummey GC Housing Eval. Svce.
12/2/2018 Barry Dyer WIN Home Inspection
2/2/2018 Gregory Eckert National Property Inspections
23/02/2018 John Elliott APEX Home Inspection
7/2/2018 Patrick Fitzwater Fitzwater Property Inspection, LLC
25/02/2018 Bob Ford Home Inspector Plus, Inc.
2/2/2018 Jerry Fowler Fowler Home Inspections
12/2/2018 Jonathan Fox Fox Property Inspection
13/02/2018 William Francis AmeriSpec Inspection Service
13/02/2018 Paul Anthony Fugazzi Anthony Fugazzi Real Estate Services
19/02/2018 William Fuller First Choice Home Inspections
27/02/2018 John Gambill HomeTeam Inspection Service
25/02/2018 Garrett Gerard Gerard Home Inspection
12/2/2018 Jeffrey Gibson All Homes Inspection
12/2/2018 John Gilles #1 Kentucky Home Inspections, LLC
19/02/2018 Chris Gordon I SPY Home Inspections llc
2/2/2018 Michael “Craig” Gordon Gordon home inspections
20/02/2018 Kenton Graviss Fulcrum Home Inspection
23/02/2018 chris green Inspector CHRIS LLC
2/2/2018 D. Michael Green InspectorUSA, Inc.
20/02/2018 Tara Green InspectorUSA, Inc.
23/02/2018 Charles Grieshaber 5-Star Inspections, LLC
23/02/2018 Ray Hadi A+ inspect-A-Home Professionals
23/02/2018 john harnage KY Thermal
15/02/2018 Bernie Hartung Bernie Hartung & Associates
15/02/2018 Michael Hartung Bernie Hartung & Associates
17/02/2018 Bill Haydon The Inspector
21/02/2018 Michael Hesterberg Building Inspections LLC
12/2/2018 Robert Hiles 2020 Real Estate Home Inspections LLC
1/2/2018 Mark Hiten Mark of Excellence Residetial Inspection
25/02/2018 John Holland East Ky Home Inspection
20/02/2018 Garth Hooks Hooks Home Inspection
26/02/2018 Paul Hope Hopes Home Inspection LLC
12/2/2018 Jeff Howard Benchmark Home Inspections
1/2/2018 Chris Howell Smoky Mtn. Inspection Services, Inc.
9/2/2018 Terry Hubbs AA Home Inspection
26/02/2018 Travis Huber Huber Home Inspection
27/02/2018 Tim Huff Huff Home Inspections
3/2/2018 Bill Ingram HomeCheck Inspection Services
31/01/2018 Jay Jackson Safe At Home Inspections, LLC
12/2/2018 PAUL JACKSON Jackson & Jackson Home Inspections
12/2/2018 Tim Jackson A+ Home Inspection Service, LLC
14/02/2018 Nathan Jared MRO Home and Roof Inspections
19/02/2018 Michael Jehlik Topflight Inspection Services, LLC
25/02/2018 Darrell Joiner House To Home Inspection LLC
27/02/2018 Matthew Keeth
13/02/2018 James  (Ron) Kelley Kelley’s Home Inspection
15/02/2018 JD Kline Kline Home Inspection
14/02/2018 Jason Kumfer
2/2/2018 Michael Lamb AAA Inspections, LLC
19/02/2018 jack langford accucheck home inspections and radon
6/2/2018 Brent Langley TSA Home Inspections LLC
13/02/2018 Giles Lanham HomeWise Inspection Services
12/2/2018 Andrew Lanzone HomeTeam of Louisville
15/02/2018 Nelson Lapidus PROLAB
20/02/2018 Stanley Lewis Lewis Home Inspection
23/02/2018 ALex Lockstead Eaton Inspections Inc
13/02/2018 Weiss Mark Sherlock Home Inspections LLC
13/02/2018 Jeremiah Martin HomeTeam Inspection Service
12/2/2018 kenny martin Commonwealth Home Inspections
14/02/2018 Larry McCaslin McCaslin Home Inspection Services, LLC
23/02/2018 John McCurry OnSite Home Inspection, LLC
15/02/2018 Jack McNear AAA Pro Inspectors
23/02/2018 Mike Meurer M Squared Home Inspections
18/02/2018 Clyde Mullins Truhome Inspections LLC
20/02/2018 Brook Mundy Mundys Home Inspection Inc.
17/02/2018 W Steve Nance Pruitt Property Inspection
21/02/2018 Michael O’Dell MRO Home & Roof Inspections
12/2/2018 Steven ODonnell Southwest Efficiency Specialists, LLC
10/2/2018 Jason O’Leary HomeTeam of Louisville
2/2/2018 John O’Nan Pillar To Post Home Inspectors
23/02/2018 Ken Osborne Home Inspections Inc
5/2/2018 Casey Ott Finish Line Home Inspections
12/2/2018 Michael Paris PROVIEW Professional Home Inspections
31/01/2018 Michael Patton AA Home Inspection, LLC
16/02/2018 Mark Pemberton A-Pro Home Inspection Service
14/02/2018 Jacob Pike Home Inspection Services (H.I.S.)
12/2/2018 Ronald Pike H.I.S
7/2/2018 Darrell Poynter Darrell Poynter Home Inspections
23/02/2018 Mark Pruitt Tri-County Home Inspection
16/02/2018 Steve Pruitt Pruitt Property Inspection, Inc.
24/02/2018 Michael Ramsey Integrity Home Inspections Inc.
27/02/2018 Adam Rankin Rankin Property Inspection
27/02/2018 George Rayhill Rayhill
14/02/2018 Everett Reeves Pristine Inspections
15/02/2018 Robert Rice AMC Home Inspections
23/02/2018 Rick bartholomew Rick Bartholomew inspection services.llco
25/02/2018 Derek Rison Gerard Home Inspection
13/02/2018 Jeff Roll National Property Inspections
2/2/2018 Josh Ross Assurance Professional Home Inspection
13/02/2018 Daniel Schuerman Schuerman Inspections
14/02/2018 David Scott HouseMaster
24/02/2018 John Scott Investors choice home inspections
7/2/2018 Mike Shaver Buy Wise Home Inspections
17/02/2018 Larry Sills Pruitt Property Inspection Co.
20/02/2018 Vance Simpson
20/02/2018 Doug Smith Home Inspections Services
19/02/2018 Eric Smith Inspect & Detect, LLC
12/2/2018 Andy Snyder HomeTeam Inspection Service
19/02/2018 Forrest Sutherland Protection Home inspection
10/2/2018 Jay Takahashi Lexington Home Inspections
25/02/2018 Charles Taylor
21/02/2018 James Terry Best Home Inspection
13/02/2018 Trenton Thomas The Home Inspection Pro
1/2/2018 Thomas Thompson Check on homes
13/02/2018 Gary Tout Tout Home Inspection Services
2/2/2018 James Trosper RBN Home Inspection, LLC
8/2/2018 Jeffrey Turner Turner Home Inspection
16/02/2018 Ethan Watson
14/02/2018 Andrew Weiss Sherlock Home Inspections LLC
28/02/2018 Mark Weiss Sherlock Home Inspections LLC
23/02/2018 Bud Wenk
13/02/2018 James A. White Dream Home Inspections LLC
18/02/2018 Lee Wiard Lee’s Home Inspections
1/2/2018 Ray Williams Ray Williams Inspecion & Repair, LLC
19/02/2018 Stephen Williams NorthStar Property Inspections
12/2/2018 Steven Williams Kentucky home Inspector, LLC
12/2/2018 Danny Willoughby Kentuckiana Property Consultants, LLC
27/02/2018 Gary Witt Louisville Home Inspections, LLC
23/02/2018 Joseph Wrubel Wrubel Home Inspections
15/02/2018 George Wyatt Better Buildings, Inc.
20/02/2018 Don Lane Young Young Inspection Service
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