Agenda not available yet.

The full class agenda with synopsis of each class is not yet available. It should be online in the next few days. Until then, the course names are on the Registration Form and listed below. Actual class names may vary slightly on the approved agenda.

Track 1 – Friday

Morning Class – Law (Jonah Mitchell) 3hr
Afternoon Class – Report Writing (Chad Fabry) 3 hr
Evening Class – Peer Review / Defect Recognition (Mike Connolly) 2 hr

Track 2 – Friday

Morning Class – Electrical Systems Theory & Application (Chad Fabry) 3 hr
Afternoon Class – Septic Systems (Chris Edwards) 3 hr
Evening Class – Electrical Systems, Grounding & Bonding (Chad Fabry) 2 hr

Track 1 – Saturday

Morning Class – Advanced Exteriors 1 (Chad Fabry) 3 hr
Afternoon Class – Advanced Exteriors 2 (Chad Fabry) 3 hr

Track 2 – Saturday

Morning Class – Business Entities (Jim Kruspe) 3 hr
Afternoon Class – Moisture Intrusion (Mike Hesterberg) 3 hr