KREIA Credit Card Payments

KREIA Credit Card Payments

No credit card information is collected or maintained on the KREIA website.

KREIA processes credit cards through the KREIA Square Marketplace.  We’ve changed our credit card processing to the KREIA Square Marketplace. If you’re thinking about using Square for your credit card processing, register or renew first for a Square referral link on your receipt that will save you about $30.00 and hold down KREIA’s cost also.

Click the button below to be transferred to the KREIA Square Marketplace to select and pay for your purchase item.

After you have completed your purchase, you will need to close the KREIA Square Marketplace window to return to the KREIA site.

KREIA Square Marketplace

Click here for the KREIA Refund Policy

For questions complete the contact form on the KREIA website at:  KREIA Contact Form