2019 Fall Conference Registration

REMEMBER:  However you enter the data on this form will be how it comes out on your name tags and course transcripts.  Please make sure you enter it correctly!

  1. Once you’ve filled out the form, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the Conference Registration Form.  If you’ve completed all the required fields, you’ll be taken to the payment method page.  If you’ve missed a required field, you’ll be returned to this page.  Complete all required fields and then submit again.
  2. To help us better pre-plan which class is in which classroom, please select the classes you desire to attend for each class period.  You may change your mind at the conference.  If you want to review the synopsis of each class before making your choice click this link to see the synopses in a new window.
  3. Fall 2019 Course Synopses
  4. You may then change back to this window to finish completing your registration.

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