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Kentucky Home Inspectors are encouraged to join KREIA!

“Home Inspectors Helping Home Inspectors”

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As a KREIA member, you will benefit from affordable continuing education in addition to other benefits.

However, a larger piece of the big picture; what KREIA provides that cannot be quantified in a dollar value or in a licensing law, is the ability for you, the home inspector, to meet with and exchange ideas and learn from fellow home inspectors. This is where KREIA and its membership truly benefit by being “Home Inspectors Helping Home Inspectors”.

Please remember that KREIA operates much like a Co-Op.  KREIA is a not-for-profit organization, run by a 100% volunteer staff of home inspectors that has no political agenda and exists solely to provide the highest quality education at the lowest possible cost.  Your Board is just an email away from any suggestions you have to make your organization better. KREIA may be just one election away from having you as a Board Member if you’d be willing to serve (annual elections are at the Fall conference).

KREIA as an association is active in the ongoing task of monitoring the Kentucky Legislature and the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors activities. Keep in mind KREIA is here to help the KREIA home inspector; our interest is the individuals that constitute the Home Inspection profession, not big business.

KREIA’s primary reason for being in existence is for the betterment of the KREIA Home Inspector. As a KREIA Member you receive a voice from the only STATE ASSOCIATION.  Our current membership is approximately 180 members, as of January 25, 2022.  This is a large portion of the Kentucky Licensed Home Inspectors and is expected to continue to grow. With this membership, KREIA has a strong presence and representation in areas that affect the Kentucky Home Inspector.

In the past years, KREIA has represented its membership at the KBHI meetings and promoted the KREIA membership at the Kentucky Association of Realtors (KAR) Annual conferences, and continues to promote the membership on our web site. has an outstanding web presence and when searched comes up very high in the rankings making the KREIA Inspector Locator listings a valuable advertising tool for our membership.

KREIA continues to work with the National Associations in promoting good relations, and continues to work on providing accepted conference credits for their membership requirements.
Thank you to all of our long-term members and those that have recently joined KREIA.

KREIA has a low $180 annual membership fee. ($15.00 a month)

KREIA has also drastically lowered the cost of continuing education for KREIA Members.  Not so many years ago, it was $400 or more to obtain continuing education at just one conference.  KREIA’s Annual Education Pass (valid for the membership year of September 1st – August 31st), at $200.00, provides TWO conferences, spring and fall, with a minimum of 14 hours of continuing education per conference.  Come to one conference or come to both for that membership year.