KREIA Affiliate Policy

The Kentucky Real Estate Inspectors Association is proud to announce the “KREIA AFFILIATE“, the designation for our partners and suppliers.

For those of you that have participated in the past, KREIA has listened to you!

In addition to the new Affiliate Designation, KREIA has added valued benefits for you.

Your KREIA Affiliate Member dues give you (at no added cost from KREIA) the ability to reach our members (and other Kentucky Licensed Home Inspectors along with home inspectors in the surrounding states) with your products and services through

  • An open invitation to attend all KREIA Education Meetings (two conferences per year, each attended by about 150 – 175 home inspectors).  Some inspectors come to the Fall Conference.  Some inspectors come to the Spring Conference.  Some inspectors come to both conferences.  Each conference provides you with:
    • one on one contact
    • group presentations
    • display of your promotional brochures and information
  • Rotating display of your logo and contact information on EACH page of the KREIA website
    (approximately 100,000 page views annually)
  • Logo & listing on the

    KREIA Affiliate Member webpage

  • Promotional Displays at KREIA Education Meetings, (even if you can’t attend, we’ll set it up for you)
  • E-Mail Ads:  150 x 300 pixel ad (with clickable link) on each KREIA Newsletter or E-Mail sent to our mailing list of most Kentucky Licensed Home Inspectors and some inspectors in surrounding states (approximately 800). While it doesn’t go out on a regular basis, we do send about 20 – 30 E-Mails or Newsletters per year to the mailing list.  That’s about 20 – 30 times that your ad appears in front of about 700 and some inspectors or about 10,000 – 15,000 exposures per year.

 This is your open invitation to join KREIA as an Affiliate.  Our membership cycle runs September 1st to August 30th of each year, but you can join anytime.

Click here to Join KREIA as an Affiliate Member.

KREIA promotes education and professionalism for the Kentucky Home Inspector.  KREIA is also a KBHI approved continuing education provider – KBHI CE-1005.  KREIA provides Kentucky mandated continuing education credits for licensed home inspectors.

KREIA is the state association for Kentucky Home Inspectors with an average of over 180 members.  Attendance at our twice a year conferences and expos averages about 150 – 175 Inspectors.

The following are points of interest:

  • KREIA is recognized by the State of Kentucky as a Continuing Educating Provider (KBHI CE-1005) for Licensed Home Inspectors.
  • The State of Kentucky mandates continuing education for State Licensed Home Inspectors.
  • Kentucky’s licensing law for home inspectors went into full effect July 1, 2006.
  • There are about 700 active inspector licenses in Kentucky.  These inspectors will require the state mandated 28 Continuing Education Hours prior to renewal of their license.
  • KREIA continues to seek and gain recognition of the National Home Inspector Associations and states bordering Kentucky for continuing education credits.  This brings inspectors from those states to our conferences.

We look forward to joining you in bringing ever-increasing quality to the inspection profession and the consumer.

KREIA Affiliate Membership Dues are $450.00 per year.

If you would like to become an Affiliate Member of KREIA, please complete the KREIA Affiliate Member Application and follow the payment procedures on that web page.

The following portions of the KREIA ByLaws govern Affiliate Membership.

KREIA Affiliate Member By-Laws
2.1 Membership.
There shall be two classes of KREIA membership, as follows:
2.1.2 KREIA Affiliates.
KREIA Affiliates are business entities or individuals that have contributed materially to the progress, growth and advancement of KREIA and met such other standards as the Board of Directors may establish from time to time.
2.2 Membership Benefits.
Affiliates shall not be entitled to voting rights and shall not be eligible to serve as an officer or director.
2.3 Application for Membership.
Any eligible person may make application for Membership at any time on the appropriate form as adopted by the Board of Directors. All applications for membership are subject to approval by the Board within its sole discretion.
2.4 Duration of Membership and Renewal.
All Memberships shall be for one calendar year from September 1 of each year. Memberships are automatically renewed on September 1 of each year, and dues shall thereupon become due and owing, unless a member gives written notice by August 1 of that year that the member desires to resign the membership.
2.5 Dues.
Dues and application fees shall be established from time to time by the Board of Directors, but not later than July 1 to become effective the following September 1. KREIA dues are payable annually on September 1 of each year.
2.5.1 Refunds and Pro-Rating.
The dues for the first year of membership shall be the full amount, plus the application fees. Dues shall be pro-rated on a monthly basis for members in their second year of membership. Any difference between the dues received with the application and the amount due for that year shall be refundable or may be credited to that member’s account. Application fees are not refundable.
2.5.2 Waiver of Dues.
Membership dues shall be waived for all persons serving on the KREIA Board of Directors, the Immediate Past President, the chairman of the annual KREIA Convention, honorary lifetime members, and such other persons as the Board of Directors may designate from time to time.
2.5.3 Delinquency.
If the dues or indebtedness to KREIA of any member are more than 60 days in arrears, after notice to that member, the member no longer shall be considered in good standing.
2.6 Membership Removal.
Members are to conduct themselves in a manner that is positive towards KREIA. A member that fails to meet the criteria for membership may be removed. In addition, a member that conducts business in a manner that is detrimental to the welfare of KREIA, or that violates any Kentucky statutes or regulations governing home inspectors may be removed. Removal shall be done by majority vote of the Board of Directors.