Membership Requirements

KREIA Membership ByLaws:

2.1 Membership.  There shall be two classes of KREIA membership, as follows:

2.1.1 Members.  KREIA Members are individuals, irrespective of whether they hold an active Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors (“KBHI”) license, who:

(1)  Are licensed home inspectors in Kentucky or other licensing states or practice home inspection as certified inspectors in states without licensing;

(2)  Own home inspection companies;

(3)  Manage or serve as executives in home inspection companies;

(4)  Are honorary lifetime members;

(5)  Have been recognized by the Board of Directors as Friends of KREIA;

(6)  Are retired and inactive inspectors or former KREIA Inspectors; and

(7)  Anyone else who may otherwise qualify under the Board’s direction and KREIA policy, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, trial members, discounted members, ambassadors, delegates, and promotional members.

2.1.2 KREIA Affiliates.  KREIA Affiliates are business entities or individuals that have contributed materially to the progress, growth and advancement of KREIA and met such other standards as the Board of Directors may establish from time to time.

2.2 Membership Benefits.  All KREIA Members in good standing shall have full voting rights and be listed on the KREIA web site in their class.  All KREIA Members are entitled to serve on the Board of Directors, subject to these By-laws, or any committee and receive such other benefits as may be enacted by the Board of Directors.  Affiliates shall not be entitled to voting rights and shall not be eligible to serve as an officer or director.

2.3 Application for Membership.  Any eligible person may make application for Membership at any time on the appropriate form as adopted by the Board of Directors.  All applications for membership are subject to approval by the Board within its sole discretion

2.4 Duration of Membership and Renewal.  All Memberships shall be for one calendar year from September 1 of each year.  Memberships are automatically renewed on September 1 of each year, and dues shall thereupon become due and owing, unless a member gives written notice by August 1 of that year that the member desires to resign the membership.

2.5 Dues.  Dues and application fees shall be established from time to time by the Board of Directors, but not later than July 1 to become effective the following September 1.  KREIA dues are payable annually on September 1 of each year.

2.5.1 Refunds and Pro-Rating.  The dues for the first year of membership shall be the full amount, plus the application fees.  Dues shall be pro-rated on a monthly basis for members in their second year of membership. Any difference between the dues received with the application and the amount due for that year shall be refundable or may be credited to that member’s account.  Application fees are not refundable.

2.5.2 Waiver of Dues.  Membership dues shall be waived for all persons serving on the KREIA Board of Directors, the Immediate Past President, the chairman of the annual KREIA Convention, honorary lifetime members, and such other persons as the Board of Directors may designate from time to time.

2.5.3 Delinquency.  If the dues or indebtedness to KREIA of any member are more than 60 days in arrears, after notice to that member, the member no longer shall be considered in good standing.

2.6 Membership Removal.  Members are to conduct themselves in a manner that is positive towards KREIA.  A member that fails to meet the criteria for membership may be removed.  In addition, a member that conducts business in a manner that is detrimental to the welfare of KREIA, or that violates any Kentucky statutes or regulations governing home inspectors may be removed.  Removal shall be done by majority vote of the Board of Directors.